3 Great Ways To Protect Your Privacy Online


Privacy is a strange now about 1984. Edward Snowden as there are citizens who are warning people of the erosion of the right to privacy and created some noise, but people still shrug and say. “I have nothing to hide” Anyone who has a concern about the rights to privacy must be a response to this automatic elevator statement, it is similar to buyers who have the sales person, “Just look.
The right to privacy does not mean that a person has nothing to hide authorizes the government to examine all facets of his life to prove it. The right to privacy means that the government needs to look convincing evidence life of a person at all.

In the US, it is assumed that privacy must be protected by the fourteenth amendment to the constitution, however, its citizens are giving away their freedom without thinking (even if a percentage are willing to kill the US president on their “right to bear arms.” It is a strange country).


For those who pay attention to what is happening in the world of online private life, digital security, cryptography, or any place that addresses the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, the basic concepts Protection were second nature. But for billions of people who are not technologically savvy, or whose life is full of work, family, friends, a second job, and a second mortgage – although many know that it is important – do not have time to read the debates, research and dissemination of emerging rhetoric of the NSA, the FBI and the White House to have a full understanding of how to protect their right to share your information with whom they want more again.

Most citizens are necessary to use simple and inexpensive tools to protect themselves and their families without having a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, or having spent his formative years training through the vast expanse that is the Internet.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) This is more question. Get a. Get one now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $ 200 You can not afford not to have one.
A virtual private network usually referred to by his initials: VPN is like a condom internet. You slip in and then are free to explore every hole internet. A VPN gives you access to the public while providing the security of a private network.

There are many reputable companies out there for you to choose. Here are the lists of two reliable sources:

TorrentFreak: What are the anonymous VPN services to take seriously?fox2
Lifehacker: top five VPN service providers

Internet BrowserFor most people, there are five main browsers options:

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Apple Safari
Opera (based in Oslo, Norway)

First, these browsers are free.

Second, the most insecure browser is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, so that everyone will want to avoid like a zombie.

Third, the best of them is the Mozilla Firefox. Others are slower, less easy to use, and not as safe.

For many years, Internet Explorer has reigned as the dominant browser but was overthrown by the upstart Chrome. While the Google browser was once an innovative product that has lost its position for Firefox.

Why has Firefox? The main reasons to choose Firefox over other browsers (beyond their incredible speed) is that it is the best browser for those who care about their security and privacy. The selection of available plugins for FF is unmatched. It integrates well with antivirus software and malware and phishing protection includes. In addition, the Do Not Track movement was initiated by Firefox and the browser offers several privacy options for users to choose. Firefox is also available on desktop computers, laptops, phones and tablets.fox3

Plugins.Plugins Firefox is extras that can be added to the securities browsers. It is like buying a car accessories. Firefox offers four amazing plugins that increase your online security, with one of them that is only available for the Firefox browser.

HTTPS Everywhere -. “HTTPS Everywhere is an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and extension that encrypts your communications with many major sites, so safer browsing”
Disconnect.me – Disconnect blocks companies for the use of tracing requests in your browser. (Not available for Internet Explorer)
NoScript – “NoScript for Firefox proactively blocks malicious scripts and allows JavaScript, Java and other potentially dangerous only from trusted sites content (only available for Firefox users).
Adblock Plus – Block annoying ads and trackers.

The reasons are many opponents want access to your private information: identity theft, bank account information, network resources, blackmail, etc. These precautionary measures are just the beginning to protect independent (hackers) and the state (government) actors who want access to your private data. It is also necessary to consider a firewall unit, encryption and antivirus software.

All this may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s like anything else. Once you know – you know.


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